Yellowstone Tours & Rates

With the options below, you can plan to do a day of sightseeing, a full day of hiking, or a combination of the two. Please also read our Possible Extras and Tour Planning Ideas below.


We do all the driving in our comfortable vehicles.
You relax and enjoy the scenery and magic of Yellowstone.
We provide a delicious lunch, snacks, and drinks for the day.

This tour includes:
• An expert Yellowstone guide
• Private transportation in one of our comfortable vehicles
• Picnic lunches for the whole group
• Snacks and beverages for the day
• We also bring a spotting scope and multiple pairs of binoculars for the group

$800 for groups of up to 6
$900 for groups of 7 to 11

This tour option is for you if you like the idea of making the reservation, then leaving the rest to us.


This tour option is for you if you are on a tight budget but appreciate the opportunity to get an in-depth experience in the park.

Our guide joins you in your vehicle.
You do all the driving and pay for gas.
You bring your own picnic lunches and drinks.
You just need a vehicle with space to carry one extra passenger.

This tour includes:
• An expert Yellowstone guide
• A cooler with ice for packing your picnic lunches into
• We bring a spotting scope and multiple pairs of binoculars for the group


Possible Extras

  • We find that having all guests in one vehicle is the best way to get the most out of your tour. But if, for either tour option, there needs to be an additional vehicle because of your group size, there is a $100 charge for each “tag-along” car.

  • For Deluxe Yellowstone Tour groups who have a tag-along car, there will be a $15 charge for lunches over the 6 or 11 that are included.

  • Our tour is for up to seven hours in Yellowstone. We find that anything longer can be especially tiring for guests. But if the day is just too great to have end, at the guide’s discretion you can stay out longer at a cost of $75 per additional hour in the park.

  • Our pricing is for guests who we meet outside the park. With the exception of meeting guests at the Mammoth area, there is a $100 surcharge to meet guests who are staying within Yellowstone Park.

Some Planning Ideas

  • We feel strongly that the best value for guests is our Deluxe Yellowstone Tour, as it allows you to fully relax and enjoy the day – without packing lunches, buying the gas, or doing a lot of driving in unfamiliar territory. Many guests have commented at the end of a day of touring that they were so happy that we did all the driving so they could take in the views.

  • Some of our guests book us for two days during their stay. This is a great plan if you really want to see the whole park or get into more depth than what we can do in just one day. It’s also for you if you want to do it all - see the major sites and get out and do a day hike into the backcountry. If you book two or more days of Deluxe Tours with us, the second day and subsequent days will be at a $50 discount.

  • We suggest doing your Yellowstone tour early in your visit to the area. Many people find that one day’s not enough, and they plan more time in the park later in their stay, either with us or on their own.

  • We meet at a convenient location along your route to the park, with pickups anywhere from Bozeman and Livingston south to the park entrances at West Yellowstone and Gardiner. Location & directions will be provided in your confirmation e-mail.

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